Adriatic Croatia International Club d.d. – new member of IICA


We are pleased to announce that Adriatic Croatia International Club d.d. (ACI d.d.), the largest marina system in the Mediterranean and the leading Croatian nautical company with marinas spread out along the Adriatic coast from Umag to Dubrovnik, has joined the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA).

“ACI d.d. manages 22 locations on the Adriatic Sea and the coast, from Umag to Dubrovnik, under the concession model. It is a leader in the nautical market in Croatia and the Mediterranean and a company of strategic interest for the Republic of Croatia.” Compared to other corporations, we have an incomparably bigger duty because we oversee one of the most significant resources that our nation possesses. For us, incorporating ESG standards and sustainable development is not just a trend to improve our reputation, but a must in every area of our organization. We have long been committed to this goal at all levels of business, and as a result, we work with the academic and professional community to develop cutting-edge solutions that will not only help to preserve the environment and the cleanliness of the sea, but will also help to create more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and effective models of managing maritime assets—exactly for the benefit of future generations. ACI d.d. is a regional leader in digital transformation and green transition in Croatian nautical tourism, and as such, it actively participates in the implementation of the European Green Plan, the Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Croatian Tourism, the Croatian Hydrogen Strategy until 2050, and other strategic documents. ACI d.d. is also a member of the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley consortium with the aim of implementing energy solutions and innovations in our system that include hydrogen technologies, primarily in marinas, developing the entire hydrogen value chain from OIE-PV, energy storage, energy efficiency measures and maritime transport, and the use of hydrogen. We further strengthen our strategic orientation towards the green transition and the environmental sustainability of tourism in the Republic of Croatia with our membership in the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA).”- highlighted Dr. Ivan Herak, who is a member of the Management Board of “ACI” d.d. for finance, corporate law, and human resources.

“As the first association of experts in the Republic of Croatia dedicated solely to climate change and policy, the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA) links the public administration and business sector (legislative framework), brings all parties involved together, and promotes communication amongst them to integrate climate goals as best as possible in the context of combating climate change and achieving more sustainable business practices. Since the maritime environment is a crucial component of the overall preservation of the environmental system of our planet, attention must be given to maintaining the ecosystem in a more sustainable and responsible manner on major systems such as ACI d.d. We believe that ACI d.d., with its informed approach, even in the ESG field, succeeds in encouraging more sustainable practices. Additionally, by becoming a member of the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA), an investment in sustainability and the circular economy is realized, which calls for communication, collaboration, and ongoing education among all stakeholders. Our gratitude to ACI d.d. for their confidence that thanks to our membership community, they will always be in the “right place” for the most recent information, education, and direction towards accomplishing our shared objective of growing our economy in tandem with protecting the environment and climate, our sea and biodiversity, and reaching full climate neutrality by 2050.”- stated Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić, president of IICA, when welcoming ACI d.d to the membership of IICA.


A video clip on the mentioned topic published by TV Nova News is available at the link.