In June 2013, a multi-day training was held in Istanbul with the aim of training climate change experts (Climate Leader) under the auspices of The Climate Reality Project from the USA.

Al Gore – opening training

Former vice president and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore founded and leads the Climate Reality Project, which is dedicated to discovering the causes of climate change and taking immediate action to preserve the environment. Despite widespread international scientific agreement on climate change, the global community has yet to commit to meaningful solutions.

This project seeks to encourage leading structures and climate change policymakers to act as quickly as possible to resolve the climate crisis by educating climate change experts (who will provide support to state institutions and leaders in each country as well as individuals).

For this type of education, the vice-president of the Croatian Association for Reducing the Carbon Footprint (HU- CO2), Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić, who had the opportunity to actively participate in lectures and workshops held by the president of The Climate Reality Project and the former vice president of the USA, Mr. Al Gore.

Al Gore – lecture

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Mr. Al Gore and attend his fascinating lecture and education on climate change and the impact of human activities on climate change.

Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić obtained the title of Climate Leader (Climate Change Expert) and a license to hold lectures on the topic of climate change after completing the training, and she joined the circle of experts for whom this topic, and the goal of preserving and protecting the environment and the planet Earth globally, is a guiding thought in all aspects of activity.

Marija Pujo Tadić - prezentacija

Thanks to this, with such educated experts in its ranks, the Croatian Association for Reducing the Carbon Footprint (HU- CO2) can better achieve its highly set goals: promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation, promoting the protection of the air and ozone layer in relation to climate change, and informing and educating the public about the harmfulness of the carbon footprint and scientific knowledge of climate change.