SeaCras d.o.o. – new startup member of IICA


The startup SeaCras d.o.o. joined the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA).

We welcome our new member startup Sea Cras d.o.o. who is also the first member of the “Startup Board” of the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA), chaired by Mrs. Jasna Marić Krajačić.

Given that the coast is the most vulnerable area in the context of climate change, the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA) warmly welcomes the startup whose business focuses on non-invasive methods for preserving our planet’s blue areas.

Monitoring the condition of the sea and the coastal area is an extremely important process due to the increasing impact of human activity and climate change on the health of the sea and biodiversity. The result is a negative impact on the economic and social life of people in the coastal area. Sea Cras is a domestic company that has developed services for monitoring the state and quality of the sea and coastal surveillance using satellite monitoring, which allows for daily simultaneous monitoring of selected locations or destinations, as well as reporting on ESG and marine resource management. It is the most modern technology available on the market, it is non-invasive for the environment, quick and easy to apply, and it has 10 times less greenhouse gas emissions than the existing ones,” said Mr. Mario Špadina, director of Sea Cras.

Considering that quantitative analyzes and reports are one of the important indicators in the transition to a more sustainable economy, Sea Cras d.o.o. offers a platform and tools that achieve successful operation, which, as Mr. Špadina explains, “was recognized by the European Union Agency for the Space Program (EUSPA) and highlighted Sea Cras’ ​​services as examples of best business practices in the field of the blue economy and as a recommended data provider on the state of the marine environment in the EU Space for Green Transformation 2023 Report, at the level of the European Union in 2023, and where our Corporate Sustainability Tool was highlighted as a tool for demonstrating the sustainability of stakeholders in coastal tourism and maritime transport by Seatrade Global magazine in in 2023.” – emphasized Mr. Mario Špadina, director of Sea Cras.

Since the International Institutes for Climate Action (IICA) is the first association of experts in the Republic of Croatia that exclusively deals with the topics of climate change and policies and connects the business sector and public administration (legislative framework), it unites all participants in the process and encourages communication among all involved to have integrated the climate goals as best as possible in the context of the fight against climate change and achieving a more sustainable business, Sea Cras d.o.o. with its latest technology it fits ideally into the structure of our membership.

All stakeholders in the market, from large systems, corporations to startups, should act with the application of the latest technologies with reduced CO2 emissions, whereby the emphasis is placed on mutual cooperation in order to strive for the achievement of a common goal – economic progress while preserving the environment and climate, so we are happy that is precisely SeaCras d.o.o. our first startup member considering that the protection of the coastal area and our sea and biodiversity is extremely important for the Republic of Croatia, taking into account the sensitivity of our coastal area where our most beautiful cities lie.” – pointed out Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić, president of IICA at the reception of Sea Cras d.o.o. to the membership of IICA.