Podravka d.d. – new member of IICA


We are pleased to announce that Podravka d.d., a leading food company, has joined the International Institute for Climate Action as a new member. This collaboration represents a significant step in strengthening our sustainability and environmental protection initiatives.

Given that the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA) is the first association of experts in Croatia dedicated to climate change issues and policies, bridging the business sector and public administration, Podravka d.d. fits well into our membership network as it promotes collaboration among all relevant stakeholders to achieve climate goals and advance sustainable business practices.

Dr. Martina Dalić, CEO of Podravka, emphasized that sustainability is one of Podravka’s five core values, and since 2023, the company has been implementing the Podravka Group’s Sustainable Business Strategy with 10 ambitious goals aimed at preserving the environment and the health of our consumers. She also highlighted the importance of ensuring that the implementation of EU climate goals does not undermine the competitiveness of the European economy and emphasized that the availability and affordability of technological solutions that enable businesses to produce without negative climate impacts are crucial for green transition.

“We are proud and happy that recognizing the impact of global climate policies on companies’ operations and their strategic actions for a safer future, such an important and large company as Podravka d.d. has joined. Podravka, with its continuous increase in revenue and investments, can be an example of how applying sustainability principles strengthens corporate culture, which simultaneously invests efforts and resources in educating employees about sustainable business practices, and the company grows together with its employees, who are the driving force of every organization,” said Marija Pujo Tadić, President of IICA.

We express our gratitude to Podravka for their commitment, and we look forward to future successful projects in our joint fight for a sustainable future.

CEOs of Podravka d.d. and IICA with members of their teams.