Orbico group became a member of the International Institute for Climate Action


Orbico group has joined the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA), the Republic of Croatia’s first association of experts dealing with climate change and policy issues. This membership is just one more example of how stakeholders in the business sector recognize the importance of acting and investing in sustainability, promoting green growth, and the circular economy. All of the preceding is required to achieve climate neutrality.

“Orbico group, as one of the leading distributors, includes top quality global brands in its business network and, as a result, sets a high level in its operational and strategic working methods. One of these levels also refers to ESG criteria, which emerged as one of the most important non-revenue items of the overall business, and for the sake of Orbico’s desire and goal to be among the best examples of its implementation, learning and the best possible implementation of the aforementioned contributes to the targeted achievement.” Stjepan Roglić stated, Orbico Group Supervisory Board Vice President.

As a bridge between the business sector and legislation, IICA connects all participants in the process and encourages communication among all stakeholders in order to better integrate climate goals into all necessary steps toward sustainability.

“We are pleased that the Orbico group has joined our Institute, demonstrating their desire to be among the companies that can lead the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy in which the incorporation of ESG criteria into company operations is a high priority. sheet. It gives me great pleasure to greet them on behalf of our fantastic team!” Marija Pujo Tadić added, president of the International Institute for Climate Action.

The goal of IICA is to assist the business community in combating climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, incorporating the Low Carbon Strategy, the Adaptation Strategy, and the European Green Plan into their business plans and processes, and thus achieving sustainable, green economic development and growth in both the Republic of Croatia and the EU while preserving the environment and climate.