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Report from the 5th Low Carbon Earth Summit organized by BIT in 2015. (LCES – 2015)

After successfully hosting four Summits in the previous four years, the Fifth Summit on the Low Carbon Economy was held in Xi’an, Republic of China, from 24-26 September 2015, under the high patronage of the City Administration of the City of Xi’an and the Government of the People’s Republic of China (LCES-2015).

Opening Ceremony – svečano otvorenje

At the same time, four distinct but thematically related events were held concurrently, namely:

BIT’s 5th New Energy Forum ( NEF -2015)
BIT’s 5th World Congress of Bioenergy ( WCBE-2015)
BIT’s 4th Annual International Symposium of Clean Technology (CCT-2015)
Euro-Asia Economic Forum 2015

Mr.Hee Jin Noh, Korea; Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić, Croatia; Mr. Kim Seung – Rae, Korea

The conferences were well-attended, and there were a number of excellent and interesting lectures to be heard and seen. Participation in the Conference provided an excellent opportunity to network with academics, entrepreneurs, and experts from various fields from around the world, both developed and developing countries.

Mrs. Tina Kaho, Sitra, Finland; Mr. David Atchoarena, Director at UNESCO; Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić, HU-CO2, Croatia

Xi’an was chosen not by chance because it is one of the People’s Republic of China’s historical and cultural centers, known for generations for its history and the wisdom and spirit of its inhabitants, who in recent times, aided by rapid economic growth, transformed it into a modern metropolis.

Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadi’, vice-president of HU- CO2, accepted the invitation of the Organizing Committee of BIT’s 5th Low Carbon Earth Summit 2015, and had the honor of delivering a lecture on the topic “Carbon Tax, Fees for CO2 Emission, and Fining for The Purpose Of Achieving Clean Air “.

Mr.Xiondan Mei; Mr. Oh SodeHynn

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the Republic of Croatia’s achievements in the area of CO2 emissions reduction through the activities of HU- CO2.

The Welcome Banquet, held on the first evening of the Conference and the most important social event of this year’s Conference, deserves special mention.

Welcome Banquet - glazbena izvedba

Participants from all over the world had the opportunity to get to know each other better, exchange experiences and ideas, and enjoy traditional dishes and beverages from different parts of the People’s Republic of China.

Kongresni centar- mjesto održavanja

The hosts demonstrated the strength of the friendship between the Republic of China and the Republic of Croatia by awarding Ms. Marija Pujo Tadić a special place at the table of honor, demonstrating how much they value the assistance of experts from the Republic of Croatia.

Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić, predavanje

Mrs. Marija Pujo Tadić, Croatia; prof.dr. Peter Lohmander, Sweden;

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