AmCham conference “Business sustainability with ESG principles”


Marija Pujo Tadić participated as a panelist at AmCham’s conference “Business sustainability with ESG principles” on October 19th, 2022., which brought together representatives from the financial and business sectors, regulators, and representatives of global policies, as well as consultants and presidents of various institutions. All with one common characteristic- enthusiasm for the application of ESG criteria.

The audience could hear a comprehensive overview of the ESG “reform” in one place for the first time, from organizational – personnel, reporting, and regulatory – to implementation. While the panelists, like a well-coordinated team, skillfully and expertly expressed their opinions and offered solutions while complementing one another.


Among the topics they discussed were the necessary and inevitable education for “Sustainability Officers” and “Chief Sustainability Officers” (, as well as the term “Intellectual greenwashing,” which is becoming common in our area.

Despite the “difficult” topic, the conference radiated optimism and enthusiasm since it was clear to everyone that working toward a common goal, results in one thing – the faster the implementation of ESG outcomes in a faster transition to a sustainable economy and a greater chance of preserving the climate, and thus a longer life on our Planet for future generations.

Thanks to Ana Zorić, Amorella Horvat Topić, Mitja Pirc, Ante Odak, and Ivan Franičević for raising the level of trust in the timely implementation of ESG with Marija Pujo Tadić!