Sustineri Partners


Sustineri Partners is a boutique consulting firm providing strategic advice to businesses and organisations on incorporating sustainability standards in their decisions, practices, and partnerships. The company’s services include bespoke research, strategy development and implementation, stakeholder engagement and capacity building. Sustineri Partners is recognized for its work on sustainability, gender equality, environmental issues, anti-bribery, and anti-corruption. Through its work, the company is making a lasting and meaningful impact on the region and contributing to sustainable business and finance growth. Sustineri Partners mainly focuses on countries of Southeast Europe, Adriatic region and the Western Balkans and collaborates with regional government, institutions, and provide strategic advice to businesses and organisations on how to incorporate sustainability standards in their decisions, practices and partnerships. Their work encompasses environmental, social and governance issues. The Sustineri Partners team has robust academic expertise and practical knowledge in implementation, with over twenty years of experience working on environmental, social justice and good governance issues in the region and globally.

Sustineri Partners’ vision is a future for our region that serves the interests of this and the coming generations, and benefits businesses and enterprises. ESG Adria Summit, as one of Sustineri Partner’s key projects, aims to drive sustainable development in the Western Balkans and Adria region. ESG Summit Adria, formerly known as the Western Balkans ESG Summit, is the flagship regional event dedicated to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics. The Inaugural Summit in April 2023 gathered over 450 participants from 150 companies, showcasing their commitment to adopting new standards and engaging in high-level sustainability discussions. It featured 70 world-class speakers and 100 C-level attendees from Europe to the United States, drawing significant regional and international media attention with over 40 journalists covering the event.

For the second year as organisers, Sutineri Partners is bringing together government representatives, business leaders, and sustainability experts for a deep dive into today’s most important global and regional sustainability issues and trends. The Summit continues its mission to drive positive change for businesses and society through dialogue and long-term stakeholder initiatives. ESG Adria Summit 2024 will gather key stakeholders to discuss and address global Environmental, Social & Governance best practices, fostering dialogue and solutions in the environment of Montenegro.