Marija Pujo Tadić

President of the Institute


Climate Leader
International Expert in Climate Change Law and Policy
Univ. Specialist in Foreign Policy and Diplomacy – Climate Diplomacy
Attorney at Law

She is Attorney at Law and for over twenty five years her field of practice is dealing with the environmental issues, and in the last ten years with the issues of Climate Change law and Climate policy through a variety of institutions.

She is very familiar with work of all national and international institutions and processes involved in the issue of Climate Change.

She was born in Dubrovnik and has graduated in Zagreb, Croatia at the Zagreb Law University and has been employed in the position of Advisor at the Ministry of Environment Protection and Constructions. In 1999. she was appointed as Judge at the Magistrates Court and after a long tenure as a Judge, where she has tried a number of cases regarding environmental pollution and violation she has decided to specialize Environmental Law.

In 2009 she has been employed in the Environmental Protection Fund where she has run the organizational and personnel sections of the Fund as well as worked on the development of projects.

In 2010. she has opened her own, independent Law Office that mostly concentrates on cases which are subject to environmental law as well as projects which are part of environmental law and energies.

In June 2013, under the mentorship of Mr. Al Gore and as a part of The Climate Reality Project she accomplished and acquired the title of Climate Leader – expert of climate change. Furthermore, regarding her excellent communicational skills, and networking between economical sector and private-public projects, she was leading Committee for the Environmental protection, first as President and then as a Board Member of American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham (the Board of Directors) with the supervision over the work of the Environmental committee.

In 2018 she become a member of Task Force on “Arbitration of Climate Change Related Disputes” in International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC Paris), and Vice-President of Environmental Commission in ICCC.

She is a member of various Committees in the areas of Climate Change at the Ministry of Environmental and Energy of the Republic of Croatia, and a member of the official negotiating team and delegation of the Republic of Croatia on the negotiations to the Paris Agreement in Paris (COP21), Katowice (COP24) and in Madrid ( COP25).

She also hold lectures in the areas of climate change rights and policy so she is engaged as tutor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, as well on a series of world conferences and summits in China and elsewhere in the world. In 2019. she finished University Specialisation in Foreign Affairs and Policy at University of Political Science at University of Zagreb – Climate diplomacy.

Many years ago, she has recognized the importance of reduction of CO2 emissions and decided, eight years ago, to establish a Croatian Association for Carbon Footprint Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (HU-CO2) and through this platform she had gained a lot of experience in communication with the public, government, business sector and the media. HU-CO2 ( in 2018 changed the name to International Institute for Climate Action) is strategically positioned in a way that brought together all experts in the Republic of Croatia in the area of Climate Change and with such quality HU-CO2 (IICA) is one of key factors in climate change and CO2 issues in Croatia, which is also recognized by the Government (Ministry of Environmental protection and energy).

In 2020. (6 months) as an International expert in Climate Change law and policy she took on very challenging role by coordinating the Croatian Presidency of the Council of EU – Climate change team ( 3 working groups – Outreach – Diplomacy; Task Force and IG Lex).

In June 2020. she was invited and become a member of Croatian Diplomatic Club!