Jurgen de Ruijter

President of the Financial sector committee


Jurgen de Ruijter is the CEO of INU, a startup in the fintech (financial technology) space focused on democratizing wealth services.

He is an international banker for ca 20 years. His positions included amongst other:

Member of the Board of Erste Card Club (Diners Club Hrvatska) responsible for digital, finance, risk, IT and overseeing the International franchises in Bosnia, Slovenia and Macedonia. During his tenure, he performed a full digital transformation of the card entity in Croatia by introducing a full digital (first in Croatia), mobile card services and a digital merchant platform. For all these activities ECC was named the Best International Franchise by the US-based Discover company in 2018.

Deputy CEO, Chief Risk Officer, of Erste Bank Hungary responsible for retail, corporate & real estate risk management. During his tenure, the bank performed the first mortgage NPL portfolio sale in Hungary after the financial crisis in order to improve the balance sheet quality and refocus the entity to improved lending practices. All of these activities resulted in a significantly improved external credit rating of the bank by Fitch.
In 2017 under his leadership Erste Bank Hungary launched the Erste Green initiative, which focused on improving the green practices of the bank including lowering the carbon footprint, employee activities in the ESG field, etc. In 2022 Erste Bank Hungary received the ‘Business for Environment’ award from the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum for the Erste Green activities.

Prior to working for Erste Group Bank, he worked for ABN AMRO bank for ca 9 years in different senior position and countries.

He has a Master in Science in Management & Organisation (Betriebswirtschaft) from the University of Groningen.