Institute’s Committees

Institute’s Committees

1. Committee for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry

   - Agriculture Subcommittee
   - Fisheries Subcommittee
   - Forestry Subcommittee


2. Committee for Hydrology, Water Resources, and the Sea

   - Hydrology and water resources Subcommittee
   - Sea Subcommittee


3. Committee for Nature Protection


4. Committee for the Sustainable Development of Society

   - Tourism Subcommittee
   - Energy Subcommittee
   - Transport Subcommittee
   - Waste Management Subcommittee
   - Subcommittee for Sociology of Climate Change


5. Committee for Spatial Development

   - Subcommittee for the Integral Management of Maritime Areas
   - Subcommittee for Spatial Planning and Land Use


6. Committee for Health and Risk Management

   - Health Subcommittee
   - Risk Management Subcommittee


7. Committee for Scientific Cooperation in the Area of Climate Change